We create digital solutions for real-state, medical, education, retail, manufacturing and branding. To learn more about how AR/VR can enhance customer engagement, productivity, sales, safety, learning, click below.


Bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds, A/R changes the way we see, imagine, and learn about the world around us. AR and VR stimulates a student and engages them as never before, changing the way they interact with their world and in turn; the way they learn their subject content.


Should that new couch be brown or blue? Three seats or two? With an AR application designed buyers can experience couches, cars, a new dress or new shoes. Experiences will be location aware and linked with e-commerce systems, inventory and, spectacular in-store experiences.


U-ARE-NYC is our non profit project which we are using to build a solid framework for city experiences worldwide. Historical tours, information, festivals, gastronomy, nightlife, public art and fun, location based games for the kids (normally bored of being on a city-trip with the parents). All based on one solid unified system: U-R-HERE©

Architecture and Real Estate

One of the fastest growing fields for AR is in architecture and real-estate. U-ARE is already consulting with several clients. Imagine an architect describing a building development to his clients, but in this scenario he is not just using plans, sketches and explanations, but with an AR Image of the finished project emerging from the blueprint on his desk.


From engaging medical students with AR experiences that come to life from their text books, to use in the surgery, guiding the surgeon through a complicated procedure. There is a constant demand for more AR applications for hospitals and universities to aid in training new doctors and helping established professionals to give the very best medical help possible.


U-ARE uses the most sophisticated simulation models and provide analytic tools, maintenance systems and high-quality support. We develop for all major hardware and software platforms and provide bespoke consultancy services on which tools are the best for your company, product or project.



Our immersive experiences are built on an Augmented / Virtual Reality Framework designed by U-ARE and complemented with AI where required.  We want to help you tell your story, sell your products, help you educate and train your people using this amazing ever evolving platform.

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