“We will all have superpowers. Because in virtual, augmented reality you can be anyone, you can go anywhere, and you can create anything.”

Rikard Steibe

U-ARE is currently in process of developing a number of AR and VR projects in-house. We are consulting on a VR experience for meditation and we have a team designing AR and VR projects for leading real estate and hospitality companies.Business Plan U-Are Tech

We are exploring ways in which AR/ VR can be used to train personnel in high risk industries. For example, within the resource and chemical engineering sector.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your training needs, please do get om touch.

We are also educating architecture and real-estate on how they can make use of AR. Their customers will soon be able to experience the construction phases of any building or renovation on-site in an exciting interactive way.

What we are most excited about is how we can use AR and AI within the medical field. Surgery is a highly specialized skill, and one of the great tragedies of modern healthcare is the lost lives that could have been saved if only the patient had had access to a better surgeon.

With virtual reality, the greatest surgical specialists can treat patients all over the world, without ever stepping onto a plane. AR /VR offers the opportunity to make this type of remote surgery even more effective. With the use of a head-mounted display and haptic gloves, a surgeon could virtually transport themselves to an operating room thousands of miles away, able to use their natural skills and senses to save lives.

It seems only a matter of time before the best surgeons are able to operate all over the world without ever leaving their hospital.


Our immersive experiences are built on an Augmented / Virtual Reality Framework designed by U-ARE and complemented with AI where required.  We want to help you tell your story, sell your products, help you educate and train your people using this amazing ever evolving platform.

So why not get in touch with us today and we will offer a full consultation on how we can help you.  And best of all it’s a free.   Fill in the form below and on of our consultants will be in contact soon!

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